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Women Empowerment Programs

“If a community, a society and a nation have to become great, they have to respect and empower the women.”

Women’s empowerment isn’t an event of day that is celebrated.  It is a ceaseless effort to encourage our women to feel strong by supporting them to be confident to do everything that they aspire for. As academic and research institutions, we recognize our responsibility in nurturing the minds of future women leaders or professionals; which is why we take the initiative to host of women-centric events.

Apr 05, 2019

Women’s Prowess

Women’s Prowess‘19 was held on Hope Foundation’s I²IT campus and the topic for panel discussion was “Identity of the New Womanhood – The Emerging Profiles, New Expectations and Aspirations”.

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Mar 08, 2019

International Women’s Day Celebration

Hope Foundation’s Finolex Academy of Management and Technology and International Institute of Information Technology celebrated International Women’s Day on 8th March, 2019.

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