Medical Objectives

To render assistance in any manner whether through the provision of free/subsidized medicines and/or financial assistance for the treatment of persons suffering from any illness in general and in particular cancer of all types, or any other manner.

To promote medical, paramedical, alternative medicines, public health, biomedical, and behavioural training programs for further research in and prevention of diseases including cancer and HIV/AIDS or any other health-related programs alone or in association with any association, body, group of persons, corporates, educational and/or research institutions. Similarly, to aid, assist and participate in research and education in the field of Bio-informatics and Biotechnology and other allied Medical Sciences.

Means to achieve the Medical Objectives

To award scholarships and cash payment or grant financial aid, loans to poor, needy and deserving persons for treatment of any illness for ailment

To sponsor or be associated with various schemes/projects for the purpose of carrying out the aims and objects of the Society / Trust and to implement the same in association with such other institutions, bodies or corporations who are having objects similar to the object of the Society / Trust and who have necessary acumen and knowledge relating to the subject matter of the schemes / projects

To sponsor eye camps, eye surgeries with a focus on those, which aim at reducing preventable blindness such a cataract, glaucoma, pterygium and corneal surgeries in young and old, also to include surgical procedures for underprivileged children and young adults such a squint, ptosis and refractive procedures in high refractive errors to help them to achieve a stable social and financial life. Also to conduct blood donation camps, medical camps like eye screening and general health check-up camps etc.