Research and Development Objectives

To establish, conduct, manage, take over, support and aid any other allied or ancillary institutions, including an adjunct such as a workshop for repairs to machines or vehicles, manufacture of machinery spare parts and other equipment to impart practical training to students.

To establish conduct, manage, takeover, support, affiliate, associate with and aid any other allied or ancillary institution or entity, whether all over India or abroad, alone or in association with any association, body, group of persons, corporates, educational and/or research institutions; to carry out education, training and research and development in Information Technology, Biotechnology, Materials Technology, Cognitive Technology, Natural Sciences, Interdisciplinary Sciences, Formal Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, Logic Sciences, Oceanography, Paleontology, Meteorology, Environmental Sciences, Space Sciences, Sports Science, Social Sciences, Naval Architecture, Cognitive Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Systems, Space Technology, Defense Technology, Space Exploration, Bionics, Nanotechnology, Picotechnology, Femtotechnology, Convergence of Technologies, personalized Manufacturing, Artificial Biological Systems, Synthetic Biological Sciences, Intelligent Manufacturing, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Digital Agriculture and other emerging disciplines at graduate and postgraduate levels and carry on research in multilingual multimedia Information Technology, Telecommunication and other emerging multidisciplinary branches relevant at any particular time.

Means to achieve the Research & Development Objectives

To establish, promote, institute, support, develop, encourage various institutions and centres, funds, trust, academic associations for the purpose of and in aid of all branches of science (contemplative or applied) and technology and to provide facilities by setting up institutions and laboratories for research in the fields of Science, Engineering, Information Technology, Medicine, Architecture, Law, Design in particular and education in general.

To allow industries and other organizations to setup laboratories and workshops on the campus for imparting education, practical training and research and development in Information Technology, science and engineering, medicine etc. and to develop innovative products, technologies and services and undertake research and development independently or in association with other persons.

To undertake, conduct, carry on or help to carry on scientific research and other scientific works and to provide and raise funds for such works.

To raise additional funds for augmenting the corpus of the Trust Fund, if necessary through appropriate programs, to support the objects of the Society / Trust