Social Associations

The faculty, staff and students of the Trust / Society as well its educational and research divisions at the Finolex Academy of Management and Technology (FAMT), Ratnagiri and the International Institute of Information Technology (I²IT), Pune are encouraged to voluntarily participate in community service projects and service-learning activities during their academic breaks for mutual benefit. This helps all participating volunteers to make friends, grow as a person, and most importantly help others thereby emphasizing self-reflection. In addition, getting involved in such activities helps all participants increase their awareness and understanding of the cultural consciousness and its different ethnic and racial backgrounds.

In this mission to nurture socially responsible citizens who are not only committed to their goals but also to the community and the country, the faculty, staff and students associated with the Trust / Society and its educational and research divisions organize and support various events aiming to create a sense of social responsibility to contribute to the welfare of the society. These social contributions includes but not limited to blood donation camps, tree plantations and cleaning drives on beaches and national heritage sites. Various NGOs working for orphans, destitute women and farmers like NAAM, MAHER, Aashadeep, Ratnagiri Remand Home and Avishkar receive immense support from our faculty, staff and students.

Akshay Blood Bank Bal Nirikshan and Paryavekshan Griha ASHADEEP –Matimand Mulancha Palak Sangh Sparsh Balgram
Civil Hospital, Ratnagiri Keshav Parashuram Abhyankar School for Deaf and Dumb Maher Ashram Mahatma Phule Apang Prashikshan Kendra
Red Cross Lalla Charitable Trust Social Venture Partners (SVP), Pune Navkshitij – School for Mentally Challenged, Marunji, Pune
Valavalkar Hospital, Dervan Astitva Jagruti Seva Sadan Nandgaon Marathi Shaala, Raigad
Avishkar School Acharya Anandrishiji Blood Bank KEM Hospital Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center, Pune
Narayan Parshuram Abhyankar Remand Home Anjuman-I-Islam, Pune Foundation for Initiatives in Development and Education for All (IDEA) Anubhuti Social Empowerment & Educational Foundation
Zilla Paishad Purn Prathamik Shala Abhyankar Mook Badhir Vidyalaya Sanavi Foundation