Training Objectives

To create web-based interactive, online, open, multimode, formal, non-formal education, training, skill development in advanced Information Technology, biotechnology, materials technology, cognitive technology, engineering, arts, medicine, commerce, liberal arts, law and other branches of science, technology, engineering, arts and other interdisciplinary domains, branches, fields for delivery in India and worldwide including collaboration with universities, research laboratories and industries whether working in the field of web-enabled education or otherwise.

To provide facilities for nourishing of software and hardware enterprises created by students and/or Professors, if necessary along with business and technology entrepreneurs and/or to develop innovative products, technologies, and services whether by way of association, collaboration or otherwise for the attainment of the objects of the Trust through assistance, support, and training and also any activity in relief of unemployment or underemployment by providing technical, financial, managerial, marketing or other assistance and tools, equipment, raw material or otherwise for settling the unemployed or underemployed.

Means to achieve the Training Objectives

To establish, manage and run Laboratories or Workshops to enable students to get practical training while studying

To establish and/or maintain or support Schools, Colleges, Vidyapeeths, Universities, Study Centres, Public Schools, Technical Institutions, internet based education platforms and others including Skill Development Centres, Vocational Centres for teaching subjects such as Secretarial Courses, Shorthand-Typing, Operating Business Machines, Computer Science, Commercial Photography, Journalism, Housekeeping, Tailoring, Dress Making, Interior Decoration, Liberal Arts, Media, Mass Communication, Sports Education, Physical Education and the like.