Education Objectives

To establish institutes, colleges, academies, research centers, universities, to impart systematic instructions, training and schooling to students with the motive of preparing the students for the work of life in all branches of Arts, Science, Commerce, Engineering, Medical, Paramedical, Law, Design, Physical Education, Technical Courses, Vocational Courses, Professional Courses, Skill Development Courses, Formal Courses, Non-Formal Courses, Online Courses, Distance Education Courses, Open Education Courses existing solely for educational purpose and not for the purpose of profit.

To make arrangements suitable to the trend of times to further the promotion of greater educational opportunities to the growing needs of the community for systematic instructions, training, researching and schooling for educating children, youth and adults, irrespective of caste, creed, language, sex or sect in various branches of education, vocations in life and professions and to maintain, run, expand, develop and raise the educational institutions run under Hope Foundation and Research Centre to the status of the highest academic educational institutions to provide high quality of education and with that end in view to start and to take over other education, vocational and professional institutions existing solely for educational purposes and not for profit, as Managing Committee members, may deem fit. Also to establish institutes, centers, laboratories for imparting Education, carrying out Research and Development in various areas, domains, fields and for the purpose of researching, skill development, training in association with any association, body, group of persons, corporates, educational and/or research institutions.

To explore, undertake, design courses and implement academic, research and development activities and conduct skill enhancement training and workshops in Electrical Installations, Refrigeration & Air conditioning, Graphic Design Technology, Electronics, Industrial Control, Industrial Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering CAD, Mechatronics, Mobile Robotics, Plastic Die Engineering, Polymechanics and Automation, Prototype Modeling, Sheet Metal Technology, Welding, Aircraft maintenance, Autobody repair, Automobile Technology, Aerospace & Aviation, Agriculture, Auto and Auto Components, Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals, Education and Skill Development, Electronics and IT Hardware, Entrepreneurial Skills, Food Processing & Refrigeration, Green Jobs, Healthcare, Hydrocarbons, Indian Iron & Steel, IT & ITES, Life Sciences, Management Services, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, Power, Security, Soft Skills & English Communication, Telecom and Transportation and other related emerging areas.

To aid, assist, guide, provide support either financial or in any form of equipment or otherwise to any individuals, institutions, association or organization to obtain an education, learning, and technical skills.

To grant stipends, scholarships or any other assistance or otherwise to deserving students or scholars and to provide books, equipment, library to further the course of education in any field.

Means to achieve the Education Objectives

To establish, acquire, conduct, manage and support educational and research institutions of all description, for imparting instruction and training, theoretical as well as practical, including Montessori, Nursery, Primary, Secondary, Pre-degree, Degree, Post-Graduation in all branches of education viz. Science, Arts, Commerce, Engineering, Architecture and other Technical, Industrial, Physical or Commercial and Vocational disciplines

To amalgamate or affiliate with any other institution whose objects and interests may in any manner directly or indirectly be substantially similar to or identified with or advance the objects or interest of the Education

To take over the management and administration of educational institutions of aforesaid nature already established with all their assets and liabilities

To render assistance by way of financial and other means to promote the cause of education

To raise additional funds for augmenting the corpus of the Trust Fund, if necessary through appropriate programs, to support the objects of the Society / Trust